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Smart Home Technology: Part One


Perhaps you have heard a lot of chatter about smart homes and have come away with the impression that it’s all very complicated. Actually, a smart home will simplify and enrich your life.

TAGS: Automation | custom home theater system | Distributed Audio | Surround Sound

Dear Builders, Why Don’t You Return Our Calls?

Why they should make the call.

Dear Builders, Why Don’t You Return Our Calls?

Today we start a different set of posts. We are going to start talking about those of you building or remodeling a home. We’ll be discussing how involving us as home technology specialists can provide you an amazing experience in your home and save you a ton of money in the long run.

Our first post is taken from an outstanding article written for ResidentialSystems.com by Henry Clifford, President of Livewire, an integration firm in Richmond, VA. The article goes into the most common objections builders have to involving us from the beginning of a job, and explains why that just doesn’t make sense if they are truly looking for the best experience for their clients.

Spread a Little A/V for Valentine’s Day

Forget the Flowers!

Spread a Little A/V for Valentine’s Day

Ahh…Valentine’s Day. That day to savor that special someone in your life and show them how much they mean to you. Guys, its time to spend entirely too much money on flowers that will quickly die and/or chocolate that will be eaten. Ladies, you face that difficult decision of what to get that great guy in your life. Instead of the same old song and dance, here are some great ideas for some AV gifts that your loved one is sure to love for years to come!

AV 101 - Session 5 - Taking Your Game to the Next Level

Building a Great Sports Cave is No Game

AV 101 - Session 5 - Taking Your Game to the Next Level

Sports are a huge part of American life.  With hundreds of thousands attending games and millions of more watching at home, they draw fans like nothing else can. Whether it be a cheese head wearing Packer fan up in frozen Green Bay or the houndstooth wearing Bama fan here in the South, football is huge. Maybe baseball is your thing. The tears of joy from a Cubs fan after they broke the 108 year World Series drought showed that in many hearts, baseball is still America’s pastime. If you prefer some roundball, Cleveland fans rejoiced after the 3-1 comeback by LeBron James and the Cavaliers in the NBA Championship last year. However, what most people don’t realize is how home audio and video systems can turn your everyday sports watching into an amazing experience for you as well as your friends and family.