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What is the Best Commercial AV System for Your Bar?

Learn the Top Brands for Restaurant AV Distribution

What is the Best Commercial AV System for Your Bar?

If you’re investing in a new commercial AV system for your restaurant or bar, it makes sense to choose the best. There are a lot of great audio and video products out there, so how can you sift through all of the options to find out which ones make sense for your Madison, Alabama space? It’s a complicated answer, but we’ve provided some information on the different aspects of an AV system as well as the most reliable and effective AV companies below. Use this as a starting point for finding the AV components that are right for you.

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The Audio
High-quality audio requires many different components, from ceiling mount or surface mount speakers to distributed amplifiers, receivers and more. Below, you’ll find some of our favorite audio brands. These brands all provide clear, pure sound and are built to last.

The Video
You may think of the video aspect of your bar as simply a large screen TV, but there is so much more to consider. Do you want interactive video? Digital signage? Multiple screens connected to form one giant display? 1080p or 4K Ultra HD? Whatever you choose, our chosen brands are top notch for commercial video.

The Control
One of the biggest things that sets great commercial AV distribution systems apart is the control system. It’s important to have a simple and quick way to manage every aspect of your bar’s AV system, from adjusting the volume to changing the TV channel to shutting everything down at closing time. Using an integrated control system, your bar staff can easily handle the AV system by just pressing a button on the tablet’s sleek touchscreen.

Our Favorite AV Brands

  • Crown Audio: Part of the HARMAN Professional line of audio products, Crown Audio’s 67 years in the industry has led them to develop amplified sound that is truly top of the line. Their broad selection of high-end audio products ensures you’ll be able to get every component you need in one go.
  • Atlona: If you want reliable connections and control of your AV system, you go with Atlona. For digital signage, distribution amplifiers, cables, and more, Atlona is the brand for managing AV distribution.
  • Electro-Voice: One of the biggest players in restaurant/bar audio systems, Electro-Voice provides powerful sound that is built to last in even the most crowded bars. The Electro-Voice website has a helpful section showcasing their restaurant installations around the world.
  • Samsung: There’s a reason why Samsung is a household name for television. Their latest line of 4K Ultra HD TVs are so lifelike, your patrons will think they’re actually at the stadium as they watch the big game at the bar. Samsung also offers popular video walls that combine multiple screens into one giant, perfectly calibrated image.
  • Denon: Denon’s professional line of products are perfect for a restaurant or bar environment. Media players, speakers, mixers… all the audio system parts you need can be sourced from Denon.

Ready to get started with a commercial AV system for your bar or restaurant? Contact AV Enthusiast today to learn how we can help you choose the right components, install them at your Madison location, and provide ongoing maintenance and support for your system.


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