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3 Reasons to Invest in Commercial Audio Video for Your Restaurant

Bring Increased Efficiency and Profitability to Your Space

3 Reasons to Invest in Commercial Audio Video for Your Restaurant

Are you looking for a unique way to stand out from your competition? While you focus on crafting the best menu in Huntsville, Alabama, the experts at AV Enthusiast install the necessary technology to create the perfect dining experience. With a commercial AV solution, it's easy to put on the game in your sports bar and get the sound at just the right level in your fine dining restaurant. Find out how smart control of your audio and video can help you increase efficiency and profitability:

Use Video Displays to Attract Customers

Even if you have the best menu in the city, it’s not going to mean much if you can’t get anyone through the door. Get the word out with online listings, free tastings and ads in the local newspaper. You can also use your technology to create promotional tools in your restaurant.

In sports bars, make sure you place big televisions in outdoor areas or near windows. Hook fans as they check the score or watch the latest play. Once you reel them in, it’ll be easier to convince them to stick around for dinner or a drink.

Even if your restaurant is not TV-centric, you can use commercial AV to create digital signs promoting your business. These are great, for example, when showcasing your daily or weekly specials. At the press of a button, you can update the specials and promote them in a dynamic manner, including accompanying photos for your most appetizing meals.

Create the Right Ambiance in Your Space

You want to make sure your restaurant has a unique personality. For example, at your barbecue restaurant, you can create set lists within your commercial AV system that make people feel like they’re deep in the bayou. Through centralized control, you can also hide your components and have music play through in-ceiling speakers to protect the space’s theme.

Even within your unique niche, you’ll likely need some versatility from your system. One way to do this is to create audio zones. Control each zone independently to have music playing louder in your outdoor dining area than indoors. You can also create an entirely different playlist for the bar.

Through a professional installation, we make sure your speakers are optimized to separate your zones. We also ensure the volume stays at a comfortable level, high enough to set the mood without making conversation difficult.

Make it Easy to Respond to Client Requests

Despite your best efforts, customers will still look for a few adjustments when it comes to their dining experience. While your cooks focus on any special food requests, make it easy for your servers to respond when a client wants to lower the volume or change the channel.

With a commercial AV solution, you can control all your media through a tablet, touchpad or smartphone. Servers shouldn’t have to walk all the way to a specific television or have to find a remote to make a change. With access on their smartphone, they can make changes quickly to keep clients satisfied.

Repeat customers will always be your restaurant’s top ambassadors. Contact AV Enthusiast to install a commercial AV solution that will keep clients coming back for more!

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