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Is Your Business Protected? Enhance Security With Smart Surveillance.

IC Realtime Delivers Intelligent Commercial Surveillance Solutions

Is Your Business Protected? Enhance Security With Smart Surveillance.

A business needs protection. If you run a retail storefront, you need to keep shrinkage from theft to a minimum. If you run a warehouse operation, you want to ensure that there is no unauthorized access, especially with deliveries and shipping occurring regularly. If you run a company that is a supplier to Lockheed-Martin or other defense-related business here in Alabama, you likely have specific contractual obligations to maintain security precautions.

Whether you run a small shop or a critical high technology defense supplier in the Huntsville area, there are many benefits to smart commercial surveillance systems for your business. AV Enthusiast partners with IC Realtime for surveillance systems, because they provide a full range of smart solutions to fit varying requirements. Read on to learn more. 


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Controlled Access

If you need to have secured access to parts of your operation, a video intercom system can be an effective solution. It can control access to more secure facilities, or provide a way to vet visitors after hours. IC Realtime’s new video intercom stations are available in button and touchscreen models. They can be synchronized with indoor or outdoor video surveillance cameras and provide two-way audio and video communication. Once a visitor is identified, pushing a button from inside can activate a magnetic door to grant access.

The intercoms are available in indoor and outdoor models. Some models can also record video on SD cards, which allows your business to keep a precise record of who entered your premises. 


A Full Range of Video Surveillance Equipment

IC Realtime has a full range of cameras and video-recording equipment to serve a wide range of surveillance requirements. Their cameras include bullet cameras to train on a specific area, dome cameras that are ceiling mounted, and indoor/outdoor models that are weather-resistant. The cameras are also available in models that can be remotely panned and tilted, and in multiple resolutions depending on the sharpness needed. 

All the camera models feed several network video recorder models, which can record footage at up to 4K resolutions. The high-resolution recorders can be fitted with up to 64 terabytes of storage, which can record thousands of hours of activity – important if you need to have a record for insurance or contractual purposes. 


Smarter Video Search

One of the issues with video surveillance is the time it may take to find a specific incident in many hours of footage. While video footage can be searched by date and time, finding particular content in a video is typically a visual process. To solve that issue, IC Realtime recently introduced Ella, a smart video search solution. Using the same machine-learning artificial intelligence techniques that services like Google Photos use to identify objects in pictures, Ella can do a variety of things to improve the ability to find specific events. First, an intelligent algorithm identifies events of interest, like specific movement outside the ordinary, and flags them. The software can also recognize objects, people, colors, and text within video footage, and tag where they occur. Using these techniques, it can respond to natural language search requests like “red truck” or “FedEx truck” or “man in a white shirt.” This advanced search can save many hours of visually analyzing footage, time that may be critical in the occurrence of a security breach. Ella stores video in the cloud and can search footage remotely from practically any smart device like a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. 


Are you ready to employ a smarter commercial surveillance system? Call us at (256) 882-5081, contact us, or just click below to connect immediately to one of our security experts. We look forward to working with you. 


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