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What is the Best Music System for Outdoors Entertainment?

Expand the Reach of the Whole Home Audio in Your Huntsville, Al Home.

What is the Best Music System for Outdoors Entertainment?

One of the perks of having whole home audio installed in your house, is to have access to your favorite music at the touch of a button no matter where you are. Why should that be limited to your indoor spaces? We know your pool and patio are as much a part of your home as your dedicated media room, especially during the summer months. Get the most out of your distributed audio by creating the perfect environment for your music to flourish outdoors. 

From the initial wiring to finding the perfect speakers to fit your home’s landscaping, we create a custom-made system primed to impress friends and family alike in your Huntsville, AL space. Read on to see how you can craft the perfect outdoors entertainment hub.

Prepare With Crucial Pre-Wiring

When installing a comprehensive outdoor music system, professional pre-wiring sets the perfect foundation to meet your current and future needs. Regardless of how big you may eventually want to go, it is beneficial to be prepared from the start so adding new components or remodeling your outdoor space does not require an invasive wiring process. Comprehensive wiring is also important when it comes to protecting your technology. Vulnerable components can be kept inside and linked to weather-proof speakers and subwoofers outside through a wiring structure that allows sound to seamlessly travel between your indoor and outdoor spaces.  

Install Speakers That Fit Your Personal Style

Worried about outdoor speakers ruining your outdoor decorations and landscaping? Sonance’s Rocks and Mariners line offers models resembling rocks to blend into your back yard’s landscape design, or sit inconspicuously by your pool. The audio manufacturer’s SLS series also offers speakers that look similar to landscape lighting fixtures to easily blend into your space. Whatever the décor of your home, there are outdoor speakers and subwoofers to meet your distinct style.  

Find the Perfect Placement to Optimize Sound

Just like you can listen to different music in your kitchen as you do your living room, you can also segment your outdoor music with the right speaker placement. While most of your outdoor speakers should be facing towards your home to optimize quality, you can cluster them in certain ways to create distinct listening areas.

Audio zones are not only useful in allowing different music to be played in each zone, but in letting you choose different volume levels in each area even if the same music is being streamed everywhere. While you may want a lower volume in the patio to talk to your friends, you can have music playing louder by the pool where the splashing of the water can easily drown out some of the sound.

Don’t limit the whole home audio in your Huntsville AL residence to your indoor spaces. Contact AV Enthusiast for an outdoor music system with unprecedented reach and quality. 

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