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Your home theater system consists of numerous components that must work together flawlessly to create the WOW effect that you crave.

High-end components and professional installation mean very little if a handful of remotes or apps are required to set everything into motion. An optimized home theater system entails the use of a Master Processor which acts as an electronic traffic cop directing digital signals to their proper destinations. Accurate programming of this essential unit enables all components of your system to power up in stages and in the correct order, allowing for easy switching between viewing options.

Importantly, your theater can be customized according to how you expect to use the room. For example, do you expect to use the theater most often for large gatherings of family and friends, or for a more highly accurate audio and video experience? Lighting, sound levels, acoustics, and video quality are all items considered during the design and installation of the system to provide you with the optimum experience.

Management of light in your theater is a major consideration. When the system is powered up, window coverings automatically close, ceiling lights adjust to the perfect intensity and luminosity, and customized projector settings deliver clear and vivid images to a custom-selected screen.

Sound management is equally important. Activation of the system automatically enables preset parameters that deliver remarkably distinct audio. Every word spoken by every character will be understandable. No need to increase the volume just to try to understand what was just said. Moreover, when you want to hear and feel things like the thunderous roar of a Space Shuttle launch, or the booming explosions and crashes in the latest superhero flick, you will not be disappointed. And yet, the squeak of a mouse or the call of a dove will be easily discernable.

As well, music buffs will undoubtedly be thrilled by the rich sound of well-rounded, low-end frequencies.

All of this is accomplished by routing all audio through a processing device called a pre-amp, which “cleans up” and enhances the signal before sending it to an amplifier, which distributes the signal at the desired sound level to the speakers.

The projection system, of course, is also of prime consideration. The size of the room, the size of the screen, and mounting options all heavily influence the selection of the best projector for your theater. Along with this, the projection screen must be matched not only with the projector’s characteristics, but with other characteristics in the theater such as the amount and type of light hitting the screen, which may cause distortions in the video if not properly managed. A specialized ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) screen may be needed to manage troublesome ambient light.

Our team of audio/video technology specialists have the expertise to properly install and set up your home theater system according to your specific needs and preferences, leaving easy control in your hands.

Your den, basement, or sunken living room can be transformed into the theater of your dreams. Set up an appointment for a home consultation with one of our seasoned experts today! Contact our office at 256.882.5081 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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