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Telemedicine: For Convenience & Health

Telemedicine: For Convenience & Health
With the latest health conditions, the Corona Virus aka COVID-19, we all have seen why telemedicine is becoming such a crucial part of the healthcare system. The medical facilities like “The Smith Clinic” ran by Hudson Alpha in Huntsville, AL that have already implemented a professional grade standard use of telemedicine has had more of “business as usual” as far as seeing patients, however the facilities that have not standardized on a telemedicine professional grade solution have been thrown for a bit of a loop these past few months. A V Enthusiast with helping The Smith Clinic implement their Telemedicine in 2016 with professional grade Video Teleconferencing, audio/video and automation solutions has had a few years to get to know and understand the needs, it’s not a brand new solution to them. This allows them to be able to implement and install a system quickly for anyone who needs this type of technology....
Another healthcare provider that is not in the “genome” area of medicine but instead is in the dental hygiene is Divine Expressions in Madison, AL. In this time of “Stay at Home” orders they have the ability to meet with patients using their Telemedicine Video Conferencing system and all parties needed can be in the room to perform an exam! If they deem that the patient needs an emergency care they can then bring them into their office and take care of them! While you are in their office you should check out their fish tank too!
Another side of telemedicine is also the convenience for the patient and the medical office. If a patient doesn’t “feel right” they can have a virtual office visit right from the comfort of their home, the doctor can then call in a prescription and the patient can have it picked up for them if needed!
Our solutions for telemedicine can range from anything from a personal desk phone, to a single office TV use, a huddle space or a full blown board room that would allow for multiple medical staff to be in the exam at the same time!
If you would like a consultation to see how A V Enthusiast can help your office enter the world or Telemedicine contact us today!

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