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If you’re dreaming about a magical holiday movie night at your home for friends and family but realize how inadequate your outdated projector and speakers are for such an event, AV Enthusiast can help.

We can recommend and professionally install the best state-of-the-art technology to invoke the coveted “wow factor” from your guests.  A projector from Wolf Cinema paired with a screen from Screen Innovations and architecturally integrable speakers from Crestron will provide a theater experience comparable to that of a commercial theater.

To make your event a memorable one for everyone in attendance, we recommend that you include the latest in automation technology as an essential element of the movie experience, and we strongly suggest that you use the Crestron Home® Automation Control System to make the magic happen.

With the latest version of Crestron Home® incorporated into your home, you will have a “genie” of sorts working behind the scenes to initiate multiple actions at once - but with just one simple action on your part: a solitary tap on a Crestron Touch Screen or on your smartphone.  It couldn’t be easier for you: your most taxing chore will be to decide who to invite.

After your guests enjoy drinks and hors d'oeuvres, you can use the whole-home Crestron paging system to summon all guests to your newly-renovated home theater.  Just as they arrive, you step up to the wall-mounted Touch Screen and tap the “Movie Night” icon.  Your magical Crestron genie goes to work, initiating simultaneous actions to get the ball rolling:  Philips Hue strip lights illuminate the way to comfy theater seating by Jaymar, motorized Crestron shades on the two small windows lower, and lilting holiday tunes surround your guests as they choose their preferred seat. At the same time, temperature and humidity are set for optimum comfort.

The Crestron 7.2 Surround Sound System in your theater is the best-of-the-best, composed of nine Crestron wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted speakers that blend perfectly into the aesthetics of the room, while immersing you and your guests in amazing “sound-all-around.”    

And no one in attendance will give a single thought about the many other components of your surround sound system that are skillfully hidden out-of-sight and that are therefore out-of-mind, further enhancing their coveted magical experience. 

Got questions?  AV Enthusiast has the answers!

Call our office today at 256-882-5081 to schedule an appointment with our Lead AV Integrator, Steven Douglas, who can give you detailed answers concerning the integration of Surround Sound and a Home Theater into your home, along with a Crestron Home® Residential Automation System.

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