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There are numerous voice control systems on the market, such as Alexa™, Google Assistant™, and Siri™. But you may not have heard about the one that beats them all, hands down –™....

Or more familiarly, simply “Josh,” because it will definitely become one of your best friends in life, since it respects your privacy!

Josh has numerous attributes that allow it to soar high above the “big three” mentioned above. These crucially important features definitively justify the higher price tag for this top-of-the line system. Let’s discuss each of those features.

First and foremost, in the minds of the professional integration team at AV Enthusiast, is that it is a privacy-focused, stand-alone smart home control system that protects your privacy by storing your system information locally on a home-networked device rather than on a cloud network, preventing your information from being uploaded to the internet and being used for marketing or criminal purposes. Imagine that – a modern technology company that truly respects your privacy!

For further privacy protection, the microphones on Josh’s Micro and Nano devices located throughout your home can be manually switched off. Plus, if you’re using Josh to control security devices, the system ensures that only your family members have access.

Just as important as the privacy protections provided by Josh is the fact that it has far better Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities than its’ competitors. This gives it the ability to process and respond to nested voice commands, such as, “Hey, Josh, turn on the lights, play some music, and start the dishwasher.” That string of commands would stump the competitors. Furthermore, it’s not necessary to use a committed vocabulary with Josh. The example command given above could be changed to, “Hello, Josh, illuminate the lights, turn on some music, and activate the dishwasher,” and the resulting actions initiated by Josh would be identical to those for the first example. In addition, Josh is “room aware,” meaning that it knows what room you are in when you speak to it, so that you do not need to include location information in your commands, nor do you need to command Josh to lower the volume of the music when speaking extensively. Josh magically takes care of that for you! Furthermore, when you ask Josh to play some music, it is fully aware of your musical preferences before you even speak. So, if you prefer jazz, Josh plays tunes from a mix of jazz musicians, rather than Beethoven or Johnny Cash. Alternatively, of course, you can be more specific in your command and say, “Hi, Josh, play the Beatles’ “Abby Road” album.”

As an additional advantage of this system, pre-determined scenes, such as, “Kid’s Birthday Party” or “Watch the Game” can be set up by simply talking to Josh.

Aside from those game-changing features, can now be installed with a voicecast feature called VOICELINK™. This groundbreaking enhancement allows Josh’s responses to be heard throughout your home from any voicecast-enabled Crestron™ or Autonomic™ distributed-audio systems.

TOTAL SMART HOME CONTROL AND MONITORING™ isn’t simply a revolutionary voice control system. Rather, it is a full-blown smart home management system, and as such, it can be both supervised and communicated with using either your voice or the Josh Home Intelligence app on your personal smart devices.

In fact,™ has recently introduced a top-of-the-line universal remote manufactured by AVA™. Given that it is often inconvenient to interact with Josh using your smartphone, this full-featured device employs a user-friendly touchscreen and voice commands to provide your family with a portable, yet homebound smart device to interact with the ecosystem. It can communicate with all of your smart home app-enabled devices as a whole through the Josh Home Intelligence app, or alternatively, with just one individual app at a time. It comes with a sturdy, yet sleek PoE (power over ethernet) charging station and is known for holding its charge up to six days.

Alex Capecelatro, CEO of, says of the recent partnership between his company and AVA, “Every Josh client is now empowered with a dedicated remote to access room-specific media through an intuitive remote UI as well as their entire home with natural voice control. We are proud to enable all of our remote-control partners with access to voice and excited to add Ava Remote as a new way for our customers to interact with Josh.”


Questions? AV Enthusiast has the answers!

Call us at 256.882.5081 or drop by our showroom at 514 Madison Street in Huntsville Monday – Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM or Saturday from 10 AM to 3 PM.

We look forward to meeting you!

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