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MARANTZ recently unveiled its new line of AV receivers, known as the Cinema line.

The highest-end model of the series is the Cinema 40, which will be available in late January 2023. However, the Cinema 50 and the Cinema 60 have been available since the end of October 2022 and are both worthy improvements over the SR series. Each of these models feature Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Auro-3D, 8K Ultra HD, HEOS® built-in streaming, and are IMAX enhanced. The most recently released model, the Cinema 70s, is the slimline version and does not support Auro-3D, nor is it IMAX enhanced.

Of course, as with all Marantz AV receivers, all models in this new line feature built-in voice control, wireless music streaming, and a direct connection for a turntable.

The Cinema 40 is the statement piece of the new line, and unlike the other Cinema receivers, it is hand-tuned by the Marantz Sound Master at the factory in Shirakawa, Japan, to ensure exquisite sound quality. It is also the only model of the series that is upgradable to DIRAC Live, which is room correction software that uses a technically unique approach to room optimization by prioritizing the impulse response of the speaker alongside its frequency balance in the room.

According to, DIRAC Live’s latest version “boasts better usability, a revised phase correction algorithm for improved stereo imaging and a dedicated bass management system. The latter gives Dirac Live control over low frequencies in a sophisticated way we haven’t seen before. Most rival software focuses on providing a flat frequency response in your room. Given dedicated test signals and a microphone connected to your AV (or possibly stereo) receiver, they will try to reduce the peaks and fill in the frequency dips in the system’s sound. The idea is to have a smooth and even response, regardless of the frequency of the sound produced.”

As for the Cinema 40 and Cinema 50 AVRs, states:

“….big news for the top two models is the addition of 4 independent subs. The 4 independent sub outs is fantastic to see at this price point, but Marantz added a really cool feature if you are using 4 subs. In the set-up mode, you have a choice of sending all the low frequency information to all the subs or having it route the low frequency from the speakers closest to each subwoofer to just that subwoofer. This is a feature we have only seen on the 16K+ Trinnov processor….”



• Highest-end model in the series • Statement piece • Reference level AV Receiver • Premium 9.4 Channel/125 watts per channel • Dolby Atmos • DTS:X Auro 3D • 8K Ultra HD plus HEOS® built-in streaming • Audyssey Multi EQ XT room correction system; upgradable to DIRAC Live • All-new HD graphical user interface • Creates life-like dynamics • Available in late January 2023


• Premium 9.4 Channel/110 watts per channel • Dolby Atmos • DTS:X • IMAX Enhanced and Auro 3D • 8K Ultra HD plus HEOS® built-in streaming • Audyssey Multi EQ XT room correction system • “For very high-performance home theaters”

•CINEMA 60 AV RECEIVER • Premium 7.2 Channel/100 watts per channel • Dolby Atmos • DTS:X • IMAX Enhanced and Auro 3D • 8K Ultra HD plus HEOS® built-in streaming • Audyssey Multi EQ XT room correction system • “New standard of foundational luxury home theater”

•CINEMA 70s AV RECEIVER • Premium 7.2 Channel/50 watts per channel • Slim-line • Dolby Atmos • DTS:X • 8K Ultra HD plus HEOS® built-in streaming • “Appears discreet but remains a highly capable AV receiver”

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