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Celebrating 70 Years of Outstanding Musicality


Got the itch to supercharge your AV experience? There’s never been a better time than now!

 Since 1953, Marantz has been in pursuit of “the most musical sound.”

In honor of the 70th Anniversary of Marantz, AV Enthusiast invites you to trade in your used amplifiers or AV receivers—from any brand—and receive a credit towards a new Marantz. This limited-time offer is only available from now through November 10, 2023.


Living in New York in 1952, an avid music enthusiast and amateur musician named Saul Bernard Marantz sat down at his kitchen table to tinker with his idea for an equalization device that would vastly improve upon the inconsistent recording characteristics that were so inherent in audio recordings of that time.  His wife and friends were so impressed with the result that they encouraged him to produce more, and in no time he had sold over 100 units.  Very soon, his novel invention, which he dubbed the Audio Consolette, was in such high demand that he could not keep up with the orders, and he was forced to pursue a viable solution.  In 1953, he established the Marantz Company and opened his first factory in Woodside, Queens, New York.

Marantz AudioConsolette

In 1954, Marantz launched a commercial version of the Audio Consolette, the Model 1Mono Preamplifier.  It was highly praised for astounding sound dynamics and to this day is considered a landmark in music preamplification.  It was followed by the Model 7 preamplifier in 1958, the Model 9 power amplifier in 1960 (which NASA customized for use in the Apollo Space Program), and the Model 10B FM stereo tuner in 1964.

The next significant evolution came in the late 1960’s with the introduction of the Model 18 – a receiver that incorporated a pre-amp, power amp, and tuner into one chassis.  In addition to that impressive distinction, it also holds the honor of being the last Marantz product to benefit directly from Saul Marantz’ engineering input.  The high production costs associated with the Model 10B earlier that decade brought the company to its knees, and he was forced to form a partnership with a distribution company called Superscope in order to transform Marantz into a profitable enterprise.  It was during the transformation of the company that Saul secured a world-class engineering team, who became the first of Marantz’ world-renowned Sound Masters.  At that point, he proudly handed the reins of engineering over to them, at the same time as the manufacturing of Marantz products was being transitioned to Japanese companies.

The first unit produced entirely under the supervision of Superscope was the Model 19, a re-mixed and advanced version of the Model 18.  Being comprised of the finest FM stereo tuner, a high-performance power amp, and enhanced aesthetics, it was soon recognized for its unbeatable audio fidelity.  Its built-in oscilloscope and Gyro-Touch tuning wheel provided an additional “wow factor.”

Marantz Model19 fullwidth


While staying true to its analog roots with its series of TT1000 turntables, Marantz successfully transitioned into the digital arena with its 1982 introduction of its Model CD-63 CD Player.  Its successor, the Model CD-63 mkII KI Signature, is considered by many to be the most musical CD Player ever produced by Marantz. 

CD63 r

In 1991, Marantz released the CDR-1, the first CD Recorder officially introduced worldwide.  Today, it is still recognized as a standard for high-quality CD recording.

Take a leap forward to 2002, and we find that Marantz released its first high-grade separate amps in eight years, in response to the increasing popularity of Super Audio CD software.  These were landmarks in the new digital age.

And in 2016, Marantz introduced the SA-10 SACD Player and the PM-10 Amplifier as “The New Reference.”  This technology integrated the analog-to-digital conversion process using Marantz Musical Mastering (MMM), thus eliminating the need for an external DAC and capturing every nuance of digital music compositions.

Marantz’ latest innovations were released in 2022 and include the Model 40n, the first premium integrated amp featuring built-in network streaming and HDMI ARC connectivity, along with its Cinema series of AV receivers, all of which have Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, 8K Ultra HD, and HEOS Streaming built in. 

4 cinema50silvergold na 09052023 17th

It has been quite a journey, and Marantz has delivered every step of the way.


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