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When our team of AV Enthusiast Integrators recently attended the 2023 CEDIA Tech Summit, one of the products that they were most impressed with was the KALEIDESCAPE MOVIE SERVICE.

In fact, we were so impressed with it that we have arranged a demonstration period at our office through July 1, 2023, during normal office hours.  Simply call our office (256.882.5081) to schedule an appointment.


This innovation in movie/TV services differs from streamed downloads in that movies and shows are directly downloaded to a dedicated hard drive onboard a Terra server in your home, and then played back from a Strato player (both devices are purchased by the homeowner).  Because the download bitrate is ten times higher than that of streaming services, the service delivers an identical copy of studio master audio and video that is free from the softness, noise, and banding that is typical with streaming services.  Since Kaleidescape enjoys access to the master file formats of all movies and shows that it offers for purchase to its customers, the audio and video quality of its offerings is impressively better than that of a BluRay disc!

For movie afficionados, this service is a true gift from heaven.  As filmmaker Martin Scorsese puts it, “Kaleidescape is grounded in a true and deep love for the art of cinema.” 


Movies and shows are purchased for direct download (not streaming) to your server and can be played back from one or more players in your home without loss of quality.  The server, player, and movies can be purchased separately or as a bundle that includes every movie available at the time of purchase.  The service even offers “early release” of movies so that you get a true VIP experience!


If you’re a true audiophile and movie enthusiast, this system is for you.  Although pricey, it will definitely satisfy your obsessive, distinctive thirst for perfect sound and video reproduction.


In addition, please keep in mind that our new touchless support plan, called AVE Care will be premiering soon. This new service, which we’ve been testing for the last year, takes system maintenance to a whole new level of support in that your AV technology will be securely monitored 24/7, allowing our support specialists to detect and fix system issues before you even know there is a problem.  It will also include automatic software and firmware updates for your systems.

As part of this new service, you will be able to choose the level of support (called a service tier) that is best for you, which can include

periodic on-site visits that go beyond touchless support, such as cleaning and inspecting all hardware. 

To schedule an appointment to view the Kaleidescape Movie Service in action, please contact our office at 256.882.5081 during our normal office hours of Monday – Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM and Saturday from 10 AM to 3 PM. 

To gain a better understanding of AVE Care, call us to schedule an appointment with our Lead AV Integrator, Steven Douglas.

Also, please feel free to drop by our office at 514 Madison Street, Huntsville, AL, with any questions you may have about professionally-installed AV products and services.

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