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It’s a fact of modern life: after a hard day at the office, most of us want nothing more than to distance ourselves from that environment. Enjoying dinner with the family and taking the kids to the park or going for a long walk in the neighborhood can certainly fill the bill. But what if the weather isn’t suitable for that, or everyone is simply in the mood to chill out and watch a good movie?

When it comes to distracting your mind in order to achieve significant relaxation, being able to put yourself “in the film” produces the best results. To a certain degree, that can be achieved with a large wall-mount TV. However, if you want the ultimate immersive experience, a high-quality projection system is the way to go. It’s important to pair the right projector with the right screen for the environment, and to mitigate lighting issues.

At AV Enthusiast, we install state-of-the-art projectors sold by either Wolf Cinema or Digital Projection. They feature the latest in projector technology - the Laser Light Engine (LLE). LLE technology provides major advantages over traditional lamp-based technology. The elimination of a lamp prevents dimming of the video over time, and the projector runs much cooler. In addition, the projector requires much less maintenance since the LLE is rated at 20,000 hours of use.

For projection screens that complement the quality provided by LLE projectors, we install screens from either Screen Innovations or Draper. A big consideration in choosing the best screen for your theater is the amount of light that will be present in the room when you are using your theater.

If you prefer to have all or some of the lights on for viewing, that ambient light will affect the quality of the video on the screen. In that case, we highly suggest that you choose a screen which employs the latest technology, called Ambient Light Reduction (ALR). This type of screen provides a greater amount of contrast, resulting in brilliant colors and high resolution no matter the lighting conditions. Our all-time favorite for this application is the Black Diamond model from Screen Innovations. When tested, this screen measured a 900% increase in contrast as compared to matte white or gray screens.

For a screen that provides the absolute best picture when viewing with the lights off or dimmed very low, the white Unity model from Screen Innovations is our first pick. It has essentially no discernable texture, sparkle, or color shift, such that it excels at reproducing accurate images in dark environments.

One final, but absolutely crucial consideration in achieving breathtaking video quality is the use of properly engineered cables. Today’s 4K and 8K signals are finicky travelers who require a “smooth ride” to their destination. Without the proper selection of complementary state-of-the-art cables (and possibly an extender device for longer runs), the desired video quality cannot be achieved. Our preferred vendor for cables is Tributaries Cables, while for extenders we use Crestron Electronics.

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