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How Can You Enjoy Quality Music in Every Corner of Your Home?

Invest in a Whole Home Audio System From AV Enthusiast

How Can You Enjoy Quality Music in Every Corner of Your Home?

Want to create an unforgettable listening experience in your Madison, Alabama home? It doesn't matter what kind of music you listen to or how you like to enjoy it; a whole home audio system can do the trick. It's as simple as picking up your phone, tablet or touchpad to choose the playlist or song you want and the closest speaker. All of this without sacrificing the quality of the sound. Read on to find out the many benefits a whole home audio system can bring to your space.

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Get Centralized Control of All Your Favorite Music

The ultimate listening experience, much like the music it entails, is often not rigid or planned. It can hit at any moment, no matter where you are. You may want to play a song stuck in your head or need the right tune to boost your mood. So how can you make it easy to find the song before the moment passes? We can help you integrate your favorite songs into a media server where it’s easy for you to search for what you want.

Distribute Music Easily to the Speaker of Your Choice

Your whole home audio system then makes it easy to get that song to the nearest speaker. All your source components---a media server, turntable or CD player-- are hidden away in an AV closet, and a matrix switcher is used to distribute the sound to your location. Want to listen to the record currently on your turntable while in your bedroom? Pull up your phone to choose your bedroom sound system then select the turntable as your source component. Within seconds, music fills the room.

Install a Wired Connection for High Fidelity Audio

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “couldn’t I do most of this through a streaming service linked to wireless speakers?” The problem with that approach is that you're likely going to listen to low-quality audio. This is because files have to be compressed to be streamed on most networks. Meanwhile, most wireless speakers using a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection can be unreliable.

We install a wired solution that allows you to listen to uncompressed files to experience real high fidelity audio worthy of your speakers. This also removes the possibility of lagging. Imagine you finally got that song playing at just the right volume and right when the chorus comes on, it freezes up. A wired installation eliminates that risk. All the wiring is done discreetly behind walls so you get the best quality without any unnecessary clutter.

Get a Professional installation for Optimal Sound

Finally, let us take charge of your individual speaker installations. Whether its floor standing or in-ceiling fixtures, we take your interior design into account. We then install your speakers according to your needs. For example, we create a 2-channel system in your listening room while installing a surround sound setup in your home theater. In main living areas, we distribute speakers evenly, so the audio is not too low or loud in any corner.

Want to change the way you listen to your favorite music? Contact AV Enthusiast to install a whole home audio system in your house.

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