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Our team of AV Integrators recently traveled to Alpharetta, Georgia for the 2023 CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design Integration Association) Tech Summit.

This yearly summit showcases the latest innovations in Audio-Video and Home Technologies and affords our integrators the opportunity to rub elbows with representatives from top home technology companies such as Sony, Marantz, Denon, HEOS, Samsung, Crestron, ekey, Kaleidescape, AWOL Vision, Origin Acoustics,, and IC Realtime. Select vendors also offered brief training sessions on their products and/or services.

Our team consisted of Steven Douglas, CEO of AV Enthusiast and Senior System Designer; Kevin Douglas, Senior Installer; and Boyce Barkley, Installer. I had the opportunity to pick their brains for product highlights and upcoming trends based on their experiences at the summit.



When asked for his pick for product highlight, Steven adamantly chose the SONY CRYSTAL MICRO-LED VIDEO WALL. Although Samsung was the first to introduce Micro-LED technology for TVs, Sony has now taken it a step further by incorporating their “X1 for Crystal LED” processor into a modular video product. This latest innovation in a large-format display provides realistic, ultra-bright video, very little glare, and a wide viewing angle. In addition, the modular design allows for a custom-sized display with easy transport and placement due to the lighter weight and smaller size of the modules.

Despite the fact that this product carries a huge price tag and is currently used in commercial venues or ultra-high-end homes where there’s “no budget”, it is Steven’s choice as an upcoming trend because he predicts that the price will steadily drop into an acceptable range, enabling this product to move quickly into the home theater market and making home projection systems obsolete within the next ten years.


Boyce enthusiastically chose AWOL VISION'S VANISH LASER TV for his product spotlight. This is a UST (ultra-short-throw), all-in-one projection system that is conveniently housed in a modern, stylish cabinet that closely resembles a Smart TV in the way it operates. The triple-laser LTV-3500 UST Projector and the motorized ALR screen are both concealed in the cabinet when not in use and appear and disappear at your command. It’s the perfect fit for apartment living.

The Vanish TV can be ordered with built-in speakers – however, they’re no match for a quality Surround Sound or 2-channel hi-fi system. Our professional team of AV Integrators at AV Enthusiast can assist you in the selection of the best sound system for your situation and tune it for peak performance.

Boyce chose Ultra-Short-Throw (UST) laser technology as his upcoming trend, emphasizing that it solves many of the typical issues inherent to projection systems, such as space limitations, lack of screen brightness, frequent replacement of projector bulbs, and delayed start-up time due to the need for the projector to warm up.


Kevin, on the other hand, chose two product highlights. The first one, EKEY® FINGERPRINT ACCESS SYSTEMS, was based on his many on-site interactions with residential customers. They frequently request fingerprint entry systems for their home, seeking a fast, easy, and secure method for all family members to gain access. These systems are truly a godsend for households with children who need easy access to their home when returning from school and other activities. After all, children often lose or misplace their keys, but that would rarely happen with their fingers! In addition, each family member’s fingerprint can be authorized to do certain things at designated times.

Kevin’s second choice for product highlight was the KALEIDESCAPE MOVIE SERVICE. This innovation in movie/TV services differs from streamed downloads in that movies and shows are directly downloaded to a dedicated hard drive onboard a Terra server in your home, and then played back from a Strato player (both devices are purchased by the homeowner). Because the download bitrate is ten times higher than that of streaming services, the service delivers an identical copy of studio master audio, and clear video that is free from the softness, noise, and banding that is typical with streaming services. According to Kevin, the quality is even better than that of a BluRay disc!

Movies and shows are purchased for download to your server and can be played back from one or more players in your home without loss of quality. The server, player, and movies can be purchased separately or as a bundle that includes every movie available at the time of purchase. The service even offers “early release” of movies so that you get a true VIP experience!

For his upcoming trends, Kevin completely agrees with Steven and Boyce, choosing both UST laser projection technology and large format crystal micro-LED video walls as his picks.

AV Enthusiast is your go-to A/V integrator for all of your Audio-Video projects! Give us a call today at 256.882.5081 to schedule a consultation or drop by our showroom at 514 Madison Street in Huntsville Monday – Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM or Saturday from 10 AM to 3 PM.

We look forward to meeting you!

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