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Five Smart Home Automation Features Your Clients Will Love

Enhance and Differentiate Your Next Project with Smart Technology

Five Smart Home Automation Features Your Clients Will Love

Are you a designer, architect, or builder? Your clients expect you to be up to date with the latest trends when working on renovations or new construction projects. You have to have a knack for architectural styles, finishes, furnishings, lighting, and other details that make your plans attractive to potential clients.

Smart home technology is one of those areas that is increasingly in demand with today’s tech-savvy homebuyers and homeowners. In a survey by the popular Houzz home design website, it can be estimated that 28% of renovating homeowners are interested in smart home automation features in their next house.

A renovation or new build project offers the perfect opportunity for you to include the latest smart home automation features that homeowners are seeking in Nashville. Here are 5 of the most requested smart features ideas to consider.

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Whole Home Audio

Whole home music and audio have been popular for many years. Current technology presents many different options for having music flow everywhere, even outdoors. Remodeling and construction are perfect opportunities to run the necessary wires in walls, ceilings, and in patios and gardens to install built-in speakers. You can also dedicate a cabinet or closet that will be specifically designed to house electronics out of sight, but easily accessible for upgrades and service. Whole home audio can have that “wow” factor that homeowners love with great sound that is seamless across the spaces yet does not interfere with the design and décor, all controlled from a tablet or touchscreen.

Lighting Control

You are no doubt familiar with many new possibilities in lighting as incandescent technology gives way to LED. A new project is the perfect time to consider going with full LED lighting as well as a lighting control system. Smart lighting can add a unique flair to your clients’ home with modern features like color and tunable color temperature. Lighting control systems make it easy to customize scenes for entertaining, bedtime, cooking, movie nights, and any other home activities. Smart lighting can also give you more design choices with light switches and controls. If you decide to go with wireless lighting technology solutions, programmable keypads can be placed wherever your client wants them.

Smart Cameras and Video Doorbells

Smart security cameras and video doorbells are a convenient way for your client to monitor their house while at home and away, providing peace of mind. Cameras typically require prewiring, and pre-construction is the right time to consider planning for wiring locations like driveway entries and gates, front doors, patios and gardens, pool areas, and strategic locations indoors. There are many choices in camera systems and technology, but all of them require some planning to ensure that the solution meets the client’s desires.

Smart Sensors

Sensors are getting smart too, and they offer enhanced home monitoring and security capabilities. Renovation or new construction provides an excellent opportunity to identify the optimal places for motion sensors, water intrusion sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, UV light sensors, and more. A home automation system can monitor smart sensors and inform the homeowner immediately with any issues so that a small water leak doesn't turn into an expensive repair when addressed quickly.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats intelligently control the interior climate and add the convenience of remote control from inside and outside the home. When tied into other smart automation features in the house like lighting control and motorized shades, they can add new dimensions in energy efficiency, not to mention comfort. Smart thermostats can also communicate with wired or wireless temperature sensors in various rooms, which can enable you to locate the thermostat not where you need to measure temperature, but where the client would prefer it. Not only do you win with better aesthetics and design, but you create a much more efficient home environment.

AV Enthusiast can partner with you on your next project to incorporate all the smart home automation features your Nashville clients would want. Reach out to us; we’d love to work with you!

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