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In this hectic and many times dangerous world, we all need to be safety-and-security-conscious as a matter of habit. That creates an extra burden of anxiety for most of us. Having that additional stress riding on our shoulders can actually impair our ability to practice adequate safety and security measures....

But what if those needed practices could be made simple and easy, yet extremely effective?

Living in a smart home protected by the Crestron Home OS is the solution to this problem.

While there are various technologies involved in providing you with the peace of mind you’re seeking, Crestron Home unifies them all under its expert umbrella of automatic coordination. The expert integration team at AV Enthusiast can implement your smart home security project and ensure its successful completion.


A good home security system begins with restricting access to your home and property. While this is usually done with either a conventional lock-and-key or a keypad system, state-of-the-art smart locks eliminate the need to locate a key or punch in a code to gain entry to your home and various rooms within your home, in addition to your garage, pool house, or even your garden shed.

The smart locks of today are controlled across a network, either by a smart device, such as a control pad or smart phone, or by biometrics. This enables you to integrate your access system with your security system through Crestron Home. If your desire is to have 24-7 monitoring capabilities of your home and property no matter where you are, this is the way to go.


Let’s run through a scenario of a typical day when your smart home is set up for optimum access and security capabilities using Crestron Home.

You and your family are nestled in your beds and sound asleep at 3AM when you are awakened by an intruder notification. An audible and visual alert is being broadcast from the Crestron Home smart panel on your nightstand as you sit up and grab your glasses. As your wife stirs awake beside you, your eyes are glued to the screen where you witness real-time video from your I C Realtime camera network of a tall, shadowy figure already bolting away from your garage. Having been frightened when floodlights suddenly lit up every inch of the yard, the intruder has decided that he doesn’t want your tools that much, anyway. Your security cameras have zoomed in on him and are recording his every move as he hastily exits the property. Simultaneously, Crestron Home asks your permission to dial 911. You grant your permission using the touch screen and are promptly connected to a law enforcement dispatcher, who immediately sends a patrol car to your location.

When officers arrive at your door, the porch light is activated as you are notified simultaneously on your smart phone and multiple smart panels throughout the house that there is someone at your front step. Although you are already dressed, you pause for a few moments to chat with the officers virtually and verify their badges.

As you answer the door and greet the patrolmen in person, you mention that you have video footage of the intruder and offer to make it available for their investigation. One of the officers asks you to email it to him at his law enforcement email address, and in less than a minute the two officers are perusing the video on a department notebook PC. Now knowing a few details about their suspect’s appearance and the direction that he headed when he exited your property, they begin their pursuit in that direction.

With nerves still on edge, you quickly check on the children, who are sound asleep because Crestron Home routed the intruder alert only to your bedroom smart panel and your smart phone. And when you spoke with the 911 dispatcher, you requested no sirens since the intruder had already fled. No reason to worry the kiddos if not necessary.

You hustle back to bed and manage to get an hour’s sleep before your smart home awakens you gently with hues of natural morning light and the sounds of nature coming alive for the day. Your home is filled with the hustle and bustle of a family of four showering, dressing, and grabbing a quick bite to eat before heading out for the day.

Crestron Home detects when the last family member leaves the house, and immediately initiates a Quick Action routine which you have named, “Weekday Lockdown.” This crucial scheme efficiently coordinates the actions of multiple security and home access systems and ensures that all doors lock. It notifies you of any suspicious activity and allows you to monitor the status of all door locks, gates, and garage doors, as well as lighting and HVAC levels for optimum energy savings. If a family member should return home early, Crestron Home recognizes that they are there and will switch to the appropriate Quick Action routine.

When your children get home from school in mid-afternoon, they simply place their fingertip on the eKey biometric pad in order to gain access to their home, and the door locks behind them. No need for a key or passcode, and you receive notification on your smart phone that your children have arrived home. Using one of the Crestron Home smart panels, the kids check in with Mom within the hour to assure her that homework is in progress and that they have fed the cat.

An hour later, you arrive home and pull up to the garage door. Sensors and cameras are used by Crestron Home to verify your presence and identity, and the garage door opens and closes without any action from you.

Having been notified in mid-morning that the offending culprit was quickly apprehended by law enforcement, you can relax and enjoy time with the family this evening.

Crestron Home has definitely paid for itself today!

Questions? AV Enthusiast has the answers!

Call us at 256.882.5081 or drop by our showroom at 514 Madison Street in Huntsville Monday – Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM or Saturday from 10 AM to 3 PM.

We look forward to meeting you!

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