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August 26 – 27, South Hall of the Von Braun Center

Saturday 10am – 6pm | Sunday 12pm – 5pm

In this sweltering heat, are you dreaming of the cool and crisp evenings of fall?  You’ve been putting off many outdoor activities lately that involve breaking a sweat.  The swimming pool has been much more exciting than anything else outside.

But don’t fret, soon your backyard sanctuary will be calling your name again, and you’ll be anxious to answer with enthusiasm.  So make your plans now to attend this year’s Fall Home and Garden Show, scheduled for August 26th and 27th in the air-conditioned venue of the South Hall of the Von Braun Center in downtown Huntsville, Alabama. 

NOTE:  As with any large public venue filled with people and multiple activities occurring at once, a lot of noise will be generated at the show that may distract from your experience.  If you are sensitive to this situation, you may want to drop by our office to pick out a pair of ANC (active noise cancelling) headphones ahead of the event.  Most of these headphones actively work to cancel ambient noise in your environment even if you are not listening to music.  See our office hours, address and contact information at the end of this article.

All vendors at this event are licensed and insured and will be anxiously awaiting a chance to talk with you about the role that their company can play in the successful implementation of your fall/winter home improvement plans.  Now, in the dog days of summer, is the perfect opportunity for you to put your plans on paper, including a list of the types of businesses that may play a major role in the successful completion of your project.  Do you need a general contractor for a major remodel, or simply a plumber to install a new kitchen sink and dishwasher?  Maybe you need a reputable company to winterize your pool or backyard hot tub, along with your water garden and fountain. Maybe you want several more weatherproof speakers added to your landscaping, and a large SunBrite outdoor-rated TV paired with top-of-the-line Origin Acoustics speakers installed in your outdoor sports bar area, enabling you to enjoy football games and a few brewskies with friends in the refreshing autumn air.  And how about adding a fire pit, too, for roasting marshmallows and making s’mores? 

Then again, maybe you simply need your roof replaced, or a whole-house water purification system installed. 

And don’t forget to consider any maintenance or improvements needed to the interior of your home to allow maximum comfort and entertainment satisfaction during the chilly days and frosty nights of winter.  Perhaps you want to upgrade your home theater with the latest acoustic technology to enhance the effects of your surround sound speaker system.

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In the same way that many large public venues such as the Von Braun Center install specially-designed acoustic paneling systems, such as those from Kinetics Noise Control, to mitigate the noisy conditions caused by sounds echoing off of hard surfaces, the same thing can be done in your home theater, home music studio, home gym, or literally anywhere in your abode where reverberating sound causes uncomfortable conditions for your family.  These unique fabric panels can be customized to blend into the décor of any room, as they are available in multiple colors. They can even be personalized with artwork, movie posters, sports images, or other personalized images that you provide. Acoustical Wood sound absorbers are also available in a variety of finished wood styles, effectively concealing acoustically-absorptive material behind them.

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Just about any home-related service or product should be represented at this year’s show and may include audio-visual companies, roofers, plumbers, painters, gutter installers, electricians, home decorators, and garden specialists.

Most businesses at the show will give you a home show discount, and you will have the opportunity to make appointments on the spot for consultations and estimates. That’s the timesaving feature of this event – rather than spending hours on the phone or online contacting multiple businesses, you can accomplish it all in a leisurely, enjoyable atmosphere, talking to business representatives face-to-face, and experiencing a first-hand demonstration of their product or service.

In addition, there will be vendors demonstrating products related to your main project, such as cutlery or cookware to compliment your newly-remodeled kitchen, or specialty blends of spices to enhance the flavor of your Thanksgiving turkey.

But wait, what about the kids?  They’ll be so bored at an event like this!

Not to worry – there’s always a kids activity area set up to keep them joyfully occupied, not to mention multiple food vendors offering a variety of fast foods to keep their little tummies from rumbling.

Tickets for this year’s show can be purchased either at the door of the VBC South Hall on the day of the show, or online (for a discount) at

Can’t wait until the show to discuss your dream AV project, such as a home theater, whole-home distributed audio, outdoor audio/video, or even smart home technology with an experienced AV Integrator?

Call AV Enthusiast at 256.882.5081 or drop by our showroom at 514 Madison Street in Huntsville Monday – Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM or Saturday from 10 AM to 3 PM. 

We look forward to meeting you!

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