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Too many guests, not enough space.....

Last holiday season at your house was a smashing success – in fact, it was so successful that there was a welcome but unexpected problem:  too many guests and not enough space to accommodate them all. 

So throughout the last year, you’ve had some remodeling done, adding a children’s recreation room on the ground floor, expanding the formal dining room, and building a heated Party Barn within a short walking distance of the house.

Your home is a Crestron Smart Home in Huntsville, Alabama, so you included your favored AV Integration Team, AV Enthusiast, in the planning of the project from the get-go, knowing from past experience how crucial it is to the success of such a project to include all smart home technology accommodations right along with the architectural and interior design requirements in the building plans. 

Of course, this project required the addition of many more zones for the management of additional lighting, shades, whole-home audio and video, HVAC, access control, and surveillance cameras in both your home and the new Party Barn.  That was not a problem for Crestron Home.

Because you planned ahead and involved AV Enthusiast in the project from the beginning, keeping them informed as each step of the project was completed, they were able to complete their part of the project in step with that of the builder - just ahead of the holiday season.

No more overflow, and easy management of each planned event, thanks to your ability to easily use Crestron Quick Actions to automate party-specific scenes that can be enabled with one touch on a Crestron touchscreen located anywhere in your home, or if you prefer, using the Crestron Home app on your smartphone.

Got questions?  AV Enthusiast has the answers! 

Please call us at 256-882-5081. 

The AV Enthusiast showroom is located at 514 Madison Street in Huntsville, Alabama.  Our office hours are Monday – Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM and Saturday from 10 AM to 3 PM. 

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