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4 Must-Have Components of a Custom Home Theater

AV Enthusiast Gets the Most Out of Your Madison, Alabama Space

4 Must-Have Components of a Custom Home Theater

Bring the feel of a real movie theater into your home for an experience that is comfortable, convenient and thrilling. Head over to your custom home theater system and lose yourself in your favorite movie without even having to change out of your pajamas. With immersive sound, crisp pictures and seating that won’t have you contorting to find the right position, you’ll never want to leave. AV Enthusiast can help you design a system that fits the specific needs and style of your home.

Experience Pristine Images with Ultra HD

The main focus of your home theater will inevitably be the images on your screen. To get the best quality, go with the latest 4K Ultra HD technology which offers the crispest, detailed images. For a traditional feel in your home theater, go with a Procision 4K projector from JVC with superb quality, brightness and contrast. Your choice for screen will depend on the lighting in your room to maximize the contrast from your projector. If your room won’t be entirely dark, a high-contrast gray or black screen can help compensate for ambient light.

Immerse Yourself in Surround Sound

Make sure you take in every detail with surround sound that gives you immersive audio from every corner of the room. There are multiple options when you begin installing your home’s audio system. Sonance’s Cinema Series offers a subtle option with in-wall speakers that disappear into your room’s décor. For a more traditional layout, Martin Logan recommends the Motion Series System and Dynamo subwoofers with Tower or Bookshelf speakers placed at the front, side and rear of the room for the purest home theater surround sound quality.

Get Smart with integrated technology

Add convenience to your home theater with smart solutions integrated into your system. Link your technology to your smart home automation system to control all of the components from an easy-to-use interface on your smartphone, tablet or touchpad. Include lighting control in your room to recreate the theater experience. Access a ‘Cinema’ setting that automatically dims the lights and begins playing your movie. Press pause and the lights turn back on so you can go to the bathroom or grab some snacks.

Relax in Style with Perfect Seating

We work with you from the start of your project to expertly lay out your technology to match the seating you have planned for the room. Each seat is placed equidistant to the screen and speakers to make sure that everyone you invite gets an equally unforgettable experience. To maximize the quality of your sound, we recommend that you install plush seating instead of leather since sound waves can bounce off your leather seats and distort your room’s audio.

AV Enthusiast can help design a custom solution for your Madison, Alabama home. Contact us today to install your dream home theater system.  

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