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An essential part of any home theater is a surround sound system that successfully immerses you in “sound all around.” For example, when enjoying your favorite Star Wars movie, you want to feel as if you are right there on the bridge of the Millennium Falcon with Han, Chewy, Luke, and Leia, or riding piggyback with an Ewok on the forest moon of Endor. True surround sound does that for you, due to the strategic placement of various types of speakers in the room. All of the various sounds from the movie soundtrack are fed into different channels of your system, making it possible to direct those sounds to your ears in realistic progression from any location in the room. Just think about all the sounds entailed in such a movie – from the roar of a speeder to the hum of a Light Sabre, to the chatter of Ewoks and the howl of a Wookie, it’s all distinct - yet blended - by a state-of-the-art surround system.
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Telemedicine: For Convenience & Health

Telemedicine: For Convenience & Health
With the latest health conditions, the Corona Virus aka COVID-19, we all have seen why telemedicine is becoming such a crucial part of the healthcare system. The medical facilities like “The Smith Clinic” ran by Hudson Alpha in Huntsville, AL that have already implemented a professional grade standard use of telemedicine has had more of “business as usual” as far as seeing patients, however the facilities that have not standardized on a telemedicine professional grade solution have been thrown for a bit of a loop these past few months. A V Enthusiast with helping The Smith Clinic implement their Telemedicine in 2016 with professional grade Video Teleconferencing, audio/video and automation solutions has had a few years to get to know and understand the needs, it’s not a brand new solution to them. This allows them to be able to implement and install a system quickly for anyone who needs this type of technology....
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Find the Right High-End Receiver for Your Home Theater System

3 Audio/Video Receiver Brands to Consider

Find the Right High-End Receiver for Your Home Theater System

If you’re building a home theater system in your Huntsville, AL home, the first thing you’ll need isn’t necessarily the big screen or speakers—it’s the receiver. The receiver is the centerpiece of your home theater system. Also known as an AV receiver or surround sound receiver, it provides the outputs and inputs for each device and instructs your speakers what surround sound to play.

The core features of a receiver are the power output, surround sound formats, and connectivity. An excellent receiver will also offer high-resolution audio, automatic speaker set-up, iPod/iPhone compatibility with Bluetooth, and Internet streaming. Technology moves fast, so you’ll want a receiver that offers expandability and new features, just in case.

To help you decide what home theater receiver is right for you, continue reading our review of three top receiver brands. 

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